This is Time Machine Poetry created for one of my films.  It was recited by Hussein Fatal from 2Pac’s rap group known as The Outlawz.  He was a natural actor & we became close even though this was the only project we collaborated on.  He also released a song based on the film… the concept of sleep paralysis, astral projection, & the Georgia Guidestones.  This is in memory of Hussein Fatal.


Beneath the gates of heaven, the light is dim.

Buried in deep sin I sing to the angels.

I look for sympathy in the obscurity of dreams.

I suffocate idiopathic feelings as I have before.

Dying for the concord of my heart.

Possess my soul and fly me to the villa.

Black flags wide-awake stealing the night.

Guardian, show me the inescapable.

Free the flies from my mouth so I can speak.

I fight for blood though I bleed for peace.

I’m ready to find out what invincible is.

Body of my person is now a ghost of the sky.


This is official Project Astral poetry

– Raphael Baldaya

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  1. wow… that was refreshing and bold

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