Elohim Arising (Alchemy and White/Black Magic)

Necromancy is the practice of channeling magic to contact the deceased. Considered a form of black magic, this very tool was used in the Hebrew Bible by the Witch of Endor who first appears in The Book of Samuel.  The Witch summoned the prophet Samuel’s soul using a technique known as scrying, this was requested by King Saul of the Kingdom of Israel.  Saul seeks wisdom from the dead although all the mediums were driven out-of-town due to their power in witchcraft.  The Philistine army is on the outskirts of Israel and the stress slowly drives him to the arms of a necromancer.


He disguises himself & searches the night, motivated in his efforts; he meets the Witch of Endor who not only summons Samuel but also predicts the inevitable doom that King Saul will soon witness.  The next day he commits suicide when his army is defeated.

Urim and Thummim & Tablet of Destinies


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First mentioned in the Book of Exodus — these stones would be placed within a Priestly Breastplate; this enabled them to foretell the future & gain guidance from God.  The breastplate was the fashion of The High Preist of the Israelites, leaving judgment at God’s will.  The twelve jewels that were placed in the breastplate had no relation to each other and contained their own alchemical process.  The breastplate was connected to an Ephod (object of priestly rituals).  Both the breastplate & Ephod are usually made from the same material.  This acted as a medium to God.


The hidden name of God. Origins can also be found in The Book of Exodus.

72 fallen angels of heaven. 

Alister Crowley stated about the Shemhamphorasch:

“There are three verses in Exodus (xiv, 19, 20, 21) each containing seventy-two letters. By writing down the first of these, and underneath this the next verse backwards, and under this again the last verse forwards, seventy-two columns of three letters each are obtained. These are read downwards, and the terminations AL or AH, according as they are male or female, appended.” – Book of Thoth: (Egyptian Tarot), Issue 5


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ABOVE: Text from the spell book Lesser Key of Solomon.

Kaballah mystics present this name as the magic that Moses used to cross the red sea. 

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