Astral Philippines V (Astral Projection Ebook Guide 1)

In our 3-Guide series, you will receive independent astral projection research and tips from Project Astral.  The research and information relate to folklore beliefs of the Philippines and showcases the essence of the beautiful country.

Are you at a current state of frustration because you fail to achieve astral projection by your will?  Maybe you can induce astral projection involuntarily, but you can’t harness the ability otherwise?  This guide will provide four tips to start you on the path of astral travel and lead you into Guide 2 where you will learn how to induce astral projection.

I began to notice my connection to astral projection at an early age; sleep paralysis would become a nightly ritual, I became engulfed in a strange world that I couldn’t control.  Sleep paralysis is an experience encountered while in the beginning stages of the REM (Rapid-Eye-Movement) sleep or during the awakening process.  The subject is acutely aware of the surroundings meanwhile their body is paralyzed, and a demon, monster or shadow presence often appears.

Astral Projection has similar traits to sleep paralysis but isn’t a frightening experience if you know how to navigate your journey.  Astral Travel or an Out of Body Experience (O.B.E.) takes place when you leave your body via the use of telepathy or due to natural causes such as Near Death Experiences (N.D.E.).  Some individuals also have interactions with a shadow or celestial being in the astral form; this is used as a deterrent to keep you from entering another realm.

Want to learn more?  The EBook includes pictures, 9 pages of content and it’s FREE.

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Astral Phillippines: Astral Projection EBook Guide 1

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