Sefer Yetzirah (Golem creation in Kabbalah)

A creation bonded and brought to life by the divine names.  When a ritual is given proper creation through the use of symbology within the Sefer Yetzirah, a Golem will manifest.  Monsters like Frankenstein and Golems are thought to only be of folklore.  On an episode of X-files “Kaddish” (episode 15 of season 5), a Golem is brought-to-life and takes vengeance on anyone who opposes its creator.  The “Golem of Prague” is the best-known story of the Golem, aligning with the plot of the X-Files as well.  In the 16th century, Rabbi Judah Bezalel created a Golem to fight and stabilize Prague from antisemitic attacks and rhetoric.  The magical spell would work all days of the week besides on Saturday, the sabbath.

Multiple writings reveal how to use the Sefer Yetzirah to summon a life-fused puppet of sorts, there also exists a broad range of texts that distort the original.  The Kabbalah wheel (231 gates) connects Hebrew letters as gateways for the ritualUse dust to spell three letters ADM (man).  You summon combinations within the eleven letters of Hebrew rune.  This is only one technique, others can be seen here.


Mystic texts are barely performed via rituals, but what if someone could interpret the correct sequence of letters and create a Golem? Or is the text just another prophetic way of telling us that technology is our Golem?


This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

Color Pessoa


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