Psychomanteum (Dr. Moody)

A claustrophobic approach to necromancy & an adaptation of the Greek’s Catoptromancy; the Psychomanteum is an invention from famed Dr. Raymond Moody (a philosopher, psychologist & doctor), known for his experiments on life after death, OBE (Out of Body) & NDE (Near Death).  It involves an enclosed area, limited lighting (candle), and a mirror angled to only reflect the darkness.  This allows you to contact spirits & deal with grief.  This can also induce astral projection. 

The phenomena of ‘mirror gazing’ is from ancient Greece and considered one of the earliest forms of necromancy.  It’s original name of Catoptromancy, the art form that forces the past, present, and future into a cycle of mediumship by looking into the reflection of a mirror.  Positioned usually towards the moon.  A makeshift shadow box of sorts can be used to place the subject into complete darkness while staring directly into their reflection.


Experience the new reality.  Brought to you by your third eye.  Free-forming a self without being a version of that self.  A form of this (Scrying) can be found within techniques of many mediums.

What You Need

  • Prayer or Spiritual items (prayer beads, religious statues…etc.) protect you. 
  • A mirror.  This can be a small makeup mirror or a larger one… it’s due to preference & size of the location you’re conducting the Catoptromancy at.

Forms of Catoptromancy & Necromancy can be found in more than a few Disney films. The Black Cauldron, Hercules & Snow White.

Dr. Moody established connections between the grieving of a loved one’s death and the spiritual healing that his Psychomanteum offers to the individual contacting the afterlife; a closure of sorts.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

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