The Prince

The prince never had a life, just had an appendage reaching out for life

Added to the hereditary state of life

Who acquired these people, King of Naples and the King of Spain

See the echo astral, watch endless space surround with pain

Hear the scream in silence, hear the echo astral miles away

Travel for my existence and I’m finding myself one day

I’m walking with no gravity on galaxies

Let me really think about, how I never got to think about

Reminisce about, how I came about

How I always had to scream and shout

When I hit the wall, to the wall and wall,

When the doorknob turns and I see the windows

The woman staring right through the painted view

I never got a chance to say thank you

And I spoke with the breath of a thousand words

And she walked with scarlet cloth, down the hallway of records


This is official PROJECT ASTRAL poetry

-Raphael Baldaya

Categories: Articles, Time Machine Poetry

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